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NEW STATION MASTER and other baton holders - 03 Jul

The new Commanding Officer, Gpt Capt J A Young OBE, MDA, BSc, FRAeS, RAF, formally assumed command of RAF Cosford. All Flowerdowners wish him well and will ensure that the proper compliments are paid.

Grp Capt Young will be the 33rd Station Commander since July 1938. Station Commanders, at one time, were quartered at the Cosford Grange. This imposing residence, which is on the outer edge of the airfield (off the A464 Shifnal to Wolverhampton road) is now sadly in private hands.

It wasn't that long ago that married Officers were not permitted married quarters until they reached the age of 25. Married airmen, at this time, had to be aged 21. At that time, it was customary (even Mandatory) to seek permission from your Commanding Officer to get married. This process was formally done through a General Application Form.

One Flowerdowner tells the story of his air crew father who got married whilst on a weekend pass during the war (to a WRAF nursing sister) without the authorisation of his CO. On return, he was on the mat and summarily wheeled in before the old man - his words. The CO admonished and congratulated him at the same time! One hour later he was in the air as a tail gunner of a Halifax Bomber. His Flying Log book did not reflect this incident! The Flowerdowner, who recalls this story, says his mother returned to work at the RAF Mount Wise Hospital (mainly used for Coastal Command air crews and RN personnel) and found herself on extra nursing duties. They had committed another crime, too. They both got married in uniform without permission of their respective COs!

Other Flowerdowners, who served at RAF Gan (The Maldives), recall the Station Commanders mode of transport at the time (On and off Duty) was a bicycle with the COs pennant firmly fixed to the front. Compliments were always duly paid and even the large fruit bats, which were in abundance, seemed to recognise his cycling presence and usually gave a sudden fly past when the CO went past their hanging positions in the Palm trees.

Another Flowerdowner fondly recalls the CO's (Grp Capt Bird-Wilson, a much decorated WW2 Fighter Pilot) routine at RAF Colitshall in the early 60s. On arriving for work he would often first drive across the camp and stop in front of a Spitfire, which at that time was a static guard close to the main hangars. The COs memories must have been pretty graphic, horrifying and inspiring.

Closer to home. Another Flowerdowner remembers that in 1961, at RAF Cosford, Grp Capt Caswell, who had recently retired as the CO, returning on his request to be the reviewing officer at the graduation parade of RAF Boy Entrants (40th Entry). The 40th Entry had undertaken most of their 18 months training whilst Grp Capt Caswell was Station Master. This gesture went down very well and is still fondly remembered, even after all those years, by those X Brats from the 40th.

Down in the mouth - at the Front Counter
'I just can't get a dentist anywhere. Most strange and ironic, when I was young I was scared to go to the dentist. Now I am scared I can't get one.'

'My dentist says the way your teeth look depend on your genes. Of course, he then went on to explain: the more expensive your jeans the more likely you are to be a private patient and so have the money to be able to afford to keep your teeth first-class.'

'Last time I went, I said to my dentist, who now only takes private patients, this filling is going to hurt you more than me. When he asked why, I said: I have forgotten to bring my cheque book and wallet.'

'I am on a waiting list at my local dentist to become one of his NHS patients. I am also on the waiting list for full membership of the local Golf Club and Rotary Club. Added to that, I have been waiting here ages, too!'


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