Name & Message of Condolence

Andrew Briers - I have some very sad news. Eric (May) went in to hospital for an operation to remove an aneurysm from the main artery in his abdomen on 4th Nov. All went well, and he appeared to be making a good recovery. He was released from hospital on Fri 12th Nov. At 2130 that day, he was sitting on the sofa with Jane -he mentioned he felt slightly weird. Jane phoned for an ambulance, but he passed away on the journey, and could not be revived
So – my best friend has passed on to newer pastures. May He Rest in Peace.With Great Sadness, - Andrew.

Dave Stinson - Like us you must all be stunned about poor Eric. He was always the leading man at all of our Reunions and will be deeply missed. We will miss him deeply. - Dave and Rose

In memory of Eric, who ensured our annual Reunions were such a big success with his larger than life
presence, coupled with his infectious humour - especially the Cyprus trip, where he provided such laughter for us all - I intend to start a collection, which will be donated to whatever his widow, Jane, wishes.

I am more than happy to be the focal point for such a collection and suggest a donation of £5, or whatever people wish to donate, no matter how small.

Cheques please to D J & R M Stinson
7 Guinea Close
Telford TF2 6NF

Mike Young:
Eric May, what a larger than life character, the life and soul of our re-unions. You will always be remembered, especially as the Jankers King. Rest In Peace my old friend. - 808 Mike, USA.
Steve Lister - This is such tragic, heartbreaking news, it's hard to believe. Eric was so full of life & get up & go. We will all miss him terribly & remember him for the rest of our lives - Steve

Dave Coomber:
Eric May was a giant of a man, with a sense of humour to match. - Condolences to Jane and the family.

Dave Pottage:
Eric often remarked that I never did give him a 252, I would love to give him one now but alas that is not to be. He will be greatly missed at the reunions. - Our thoughts are with Jane and the boys at this sad time.
Rick Stephen - Gentlemen, I am so sad to hear this news. A Real Character, who will be sorely missed. Please pass on my condolences.VBR,

B1940947 B/E Rick Stephen, 39/40th, Wellington, New Zealand

Mike Sixsmith - Aileen and I are both shocked and saddened by this terrible news. Eric and Jane were so happy together with their young family; Jane must be devastated. Could you please let me have Jane's postal address so that we may send our condolences.
I will get a cheque in the post to Dave tomorrow.- Mike.
Bob Menzies - So sorry to hear the sad news about Eric. I will be in touch shortly with Dave to make a donation. - Bob
Pete Stenning - Please advise me of the funeral datesa as I would like to attend if possible.
Eric will be surely missed.. - Pete
Bob Killey - Mandy and I are shocked at the news, Eric will be forever remembered fondly and shall not be forgotten. Please tell Jane and the boys we are thinking off them. Could you let me know when and where the funeral is please.- Bob
John Bell & Mary - Mary and I were so shocked to hear this sad news. It scarcely seems possible that someone so vibrant should be gone. He was a real life force. His family must be devastated. Please pass on our condolences and sympathy to them. Please let me know how you want donations ? - Regards John Bell
Neil (Geordy) Pattison - Received your e-mails regarding the sad passing of Eric May. Please pass on my condolences - Geordy
Terry Winnett - What to say. We are glad we knew him. Some people you just will not forget. Carole will remember him as the "actually" man. Sheila and Nickie send their condolences... they will both remember him.- Regards, Terry(Taff) and Carole, Sheila and Nickie

Peter Lyver - I can’t find the right words. The news of Eric’s death is sad in the extreme. All the way through Cosford Eric was in the next bed to me. He was everything that the 40th Entry was all about. He was fun, he always carried the can, even when he was not to blame, and was just a great guy. It is a sad loss to everyone. not only to Jane and his family, to whom my heart goes out, but also for the 40th. Eric was what growing up was all about. I feel that I am privileged not only to have known him, but to have been part of that growing up process, that carried on into our adult lives. I will do my utmost to be at the funeral, and await further information on that when it is available. - Kind regards, Peter

Boyd Lichfield - Just read your emails about Eric. I didn't know him as well as most of you. However,being seated opposite Eric at the 50th reunion dinner I have some fond moments to remember him by. He will not be forgotten .. .. My condolences - Yours B oyd - and of course I would like to make some kind contribution.
Vern Phillips - I couldn’t help crying. I will certainly make a donation and will send the cheque to Dave. If enough is collected, perhaps it might be an idea to put it in a higher interest account for the boys, that they cannot access until they are eighteen. Charity begins at home. Of course he was potent as well as funny. Which puts paid to the motto that I use “If you can’t be good in bed, at least be funny”. Not may of us have young offsprings. Eric always laughed; and the marvellous thing is that it was infectious. - Vernon L Phillips
Dusty Millar - That news came right out of the blue. Still find it hard to accept. Cheque on its way to Dave Stinson as we 'speak'.- Dusty
Dave Cutbush - It was an honour to have known "THE BIG UN" . he was always funny , and if you lost sight of him you could always hear him. As I said to you and Dave Stinson on the phone I will always remember him and WALTER GRANDISON trying to out do each other on the side drums before morning parade.
Thoughts go out to Jane and the boys, they will always be in Joyce and my thoughts. He will be sorely missed at any reunion now , WHENEVER YOU CAN ,RAISE YOUR GLASS TO THE GREAT CORNISHMAN.
Feels as though I've lost a relative---regards Dave Cutbush
Peter Brusby - I only opened and looked at my e-mails yesterday and was shocked and upset to read the news of Eric's sad passing.
I was sat across the table from Eric at the reunion dinner this year and as it was my first Eric as did everyone made the evening and weekend a happy and memorable occasion for me.
As has been said by others he was a larger than life character, he had a wicked sense of humour and a glint in his eye with it god bless him.
He will be extremely sadly missed and the world is a poorer place without him. Please post our condolences on the website for his family and friends from myself and Sue. I have e-mailed Dave and am sending a cheque to him.
Barry Mayne - It is with great sorrow that I write this. Eric was not just a mate in the RAF he was also a school friend, My heart goes out to his family, He has made his last parade the up hill march. God bless you RIP Eric
Ian Duckham - I most remember Eric for his extrovert personality, but hidden away Eric had a more sensitive side even a vulnerability at times. I know I am richer from having known him. - Ian
Don Maciver - Man, are we going to miss the big fella.. Love to Jane and the kids from Janette and myself.
Lloyd Rosentall - Big Eric, what can I say. It was a great pleasure and certainly a privilege to have known him. There was, is and has always will be only one Eric.
He was unique. The mould was certainly broken when he was hatched. We will miss him so much and it is certain that future reunions will never be the same again.
Wherever you are old chap have a few pints to remember us, as we will never forget you. With the best and fondest memories of the "Jankers King" - Lloyd and Anne Rosentall
Dave & Shirley Lowe - What more can be said that hasn’t already been expressed by all those whose life has been touched by Eric. A “larger than life” character, whose very presence enlightened a room even before he started to speak. A friendly, generous, kind, mildly extroverted guy, with a wicked sense of humour, and a sensitive loving nature who thought the world of his wife Jane, and his sons Michael and Daniel. Reunions will be never be the same again, though his spirit will be with us always. Shirley and I certainly feel richer in our hearts for having known such a lovely man, who will be sorely missed. Our heartfelt condolences to Jane, Michael and Daniel, and all his family and friends at this time of great sorrow.
Peter Brusby - I have just come back from being away over the weekend, thanks for your e-mail regarding the details of Eric’s funeral. Unfortunately Sue and I are committed to having to travel over to Preston on Thursday and have to leave at 0830hrs so will be unable to attend.

I am so sorry that I will be unable to pay my last respects to him and ask that you pass on my apologies to his family and Andrew. You can rest assured that both they and you and all others attending will be in our thoughts. I will be raising a glass to say goodbye and god bless.

My kindest regards and best wishes. Peter

Peter & Mavis Lyver - Just to say that regrettably Mave and I have decided that we will not be travelling to the funeral tomorrow. Having seen the weather warnings and the forecast for tonight and tomorrow for the Eastern side of the country, we feel that it would be unwise to set out in what is currently forecast to be worsening conditions.
We are also committed to being back on Friday at all costs because Mave is having an operation on her shoulder first thing Saturday morning. So I am very sorry but we have decided that we will not be there.

Obviously the occasion will be on our minds and our thoughts will be with you. We have sent a card to Jane and we will write to her in the next few weeks once things have settled a bit and she has had time to try and adjust to life again.

If there is the right moment we would appreciate our sad thoughts and our apologies being passed on to Jane. Please tell her that we are thinking of her. Kind regards, - Peter

Eric was our Dad, and we've seen the book of condolence that has been set up on your site. To read all the lovely things that have been said about him had us in tears. It's nice to know that he was so well liked and we all know how much he enjoyed the reunions he went to, he was like a kid in a sweet shop before he went to the first one. Please will you pass on our thanks to everyone who has written such kind things about him, it really means a lot to us.

Andrew, Sharon, Zoe and Nicola
Jane May - I would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of condolence and for their generous gift.

Eric always looked forward to meeting his old pals at the reunions and I am pleased that I was also able to meet, at the Lakes and Bournemouth, with Michael and Daniel, everyone who joined the RAF with him.

I will continue to be a regular visitor to the website to keep up with what is going on. Thankyou again. Jane