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Name Details:
Julian Chitri
Julian Chitri

Julian (Kipper) Chitre [1 Sqdn] died in motor cycle accident early '60's, on his 1st posting (Wattisham).

Details: 1941759 L/B/E Chitre J. 1st.Teleg.

Sammy Samouelle

Sammy Samouelle [2Sqdn] died in Changi, Singapore 1965.

Details: 1942034 B/E Samoulelle Radar.

Rod Arrow
Rod Arrow

Rod Arrow [4 Sqdn] died, from a brain tumour, in August 1999.

Details:1941688 Sgt/B/E Arrow R.F. 1st. AWM.

Eddie Stockton
Eddie Stockton

Eddie Stockton [2 Sqdn] died, from cancer, on 2nd February 1994.

Details: 1941921 L/B/E Stockton E.E. Radar

Eddie in ITS

Pete Hullock

Pete Hullock [2 Sqdn] died, from cancer, in November 2000.

Details: 1940849 B/E Hullock P. Radar - Drum Major No.1 Wing.

Brian Hockerday

Brian H. Hockerday [1 Sqdn] died in road traffic accident February 2001 at Swimbridge, N. Devon.

Details:1942049 S/B/E Hockerday B.H 2nd Teleg

George Ruck

George Ruck [1 Sqdn] died Oct, 2001
Details:1942057 B/E Ruck G.F. Teleg.

Derek Parr

Derek Parr [1 Sqdn] died 20th Aug, 2002
Details:1941960 B/E Parr D. Teleg (Dick)

Derek at Famagusta Beach 1963.

Roland Stanley Merchant
Roland Stanley Merchant

Roland Stanley Merchant [1 Sqdn] Suffered a heart attack whilst serving with Tac. Comms. Wing at RAF Brize Norton

1940722 B/E Merchant R. S. Teleg

Michael Rafferty

Michael Rafferty [1 Sqdn] No Details

1941010 B/E Rafferty M. Photog

Stuart Marshall
Stuart Marshall

Stuart Marshall [2 Sqdn] Stuart died while a serving Chf Tech at RAF Marham 14th December 1988

1942004 B/E Marshall S. Radar (Stu) 40th/41st

David Routledge

David Routledge [1 Sqdn] No Details

1942056 B/E Routledge D. Teleg

Dave Pharo

Dave Pharo [3 Sqdn] Heart attack Sept 2003

1941898 B/E Pharo D GWM

Walter Grandison
Walter Grandison

Walter J. S. Grandison [4 Sqdn] Emphesema January 2004

1941712 B/E Grandison W.J.S. AWM

Donald Frazer
Donald Frazer

Don Frazer [4 Sqdn] Cancer Early 2001

1941708 L/B/E Frazer D. S. AWM

Anthony Valentine

Anthony A. Valentine [2 Sqdn] died at age 21 of cancer.

1941935 B/E Valentine A.A. (Tony) ARM

Peter Deer
Peter Deer

Peter G. Deer [3 Sqdn] died suddenly 19 Dec 2005

1941706 B/E DEER P.G. (Pete) GWM

Pete at RAF Tengah with Ernie Trimble & Jessop

Michael Crutchley

Michael Crutchley [1 Sqdn] Monday 5th Feb 2007

1941755 B/E Crutchley M. Teleg

Paul Shannon
Paul Shannon

Paul Shannon [2 Sqdn] Monday 16th April 2007

1942015 L/B/E Shannon P. ARM

Paul at Tengah

Lennie Guy
Lennie Guy

Lennie Guy [4 Sqdn] Friday 13th December 1991

1941720 B/E Guy L.H. AWM

Lennie in New Forest 1963

Michael (Taff) Evans-Barry
Michael Evans-Barry

Michael (Taff) Evans-Barry [2 Sqdn] Sunday 10th June 2007

1941997 B/E Evans-Barry M. ARM

John Cunningham
John Cunningham

John Cunningham [1 Sqdn] Tuesday 11th December 2007

1941882 B/E Cunningham J.. Teleg

Chris Hayton
Chris Hayton

Chris Hayton [4 Sqdn) 11th April 2007

1941698 L/B/E Hayton C. N.Att

Chris ITS & Italy 1961

F/S Eric Norris

Eric Norris [NCO i/c 3 Sqdn] 15th April 2007

F/S Norris E [SWO RAF Khormaksar 1967]

Mike Hadley
Elliot (Mike) Hadley [2 Sqdn] 11th September 2010

1940842 B/E Hadley E. ARM

Mike & Lena at the 40/45 Llandudno Reunion

Eric (Cornish) May [4 Sqdn]
12th November 2010

Eric May ( 1943 - 2010 )

1941729 B/E May E [AWM]

Alasdair Armour
Alasdair M Armour [1 Sqdn] Friday 30th December 2005

1941736 B/E Armour A M [Teleg]

A Sad Day

Air Commodore Green passed away during the night of 16/17 May 2011; he was aged 52

John Atkins
John Atkins [4 Sqdn] 23 March 2010

1941075 B/E Atkins J [AWM]

Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe [3 Sqdn] 4th August 2011

F1942003 L/ B/E Lowe D [GWM]

Dave & Shirley at the 40/51 Morecambe Reunion

Ronald David Urch
Ronald David Urch [2 Sqdn] January 2007
After a long battle with myeloma

1941933 L/B/E Urch RD [ARM]

Alexander Kerr [3 Sqdn] 26 August 1964
RAF Coningsby

1941725 B/E Kerr A [GWM]
No details, info from RAF BEA Site

Kenneth J Munro
Kenneth J Munro [3 Sqdn] 23 March 1961
Died in training, RAF Cosford

1941888 B/E Munro K J[GWM]
Info from RAF BEA Site,
updated by Mike Graham 41st

Colin Victor Smallwood

Colin Victor (Tom) Smallwood [1 Sqdn]
8 May 2010 Newton-le-Willows

Y1941407 B/E Smallwood CV [Teleg]

Eric (Geordie) Peak
Eric (Geordie) Peak [2 Sqdn]
27 October 2013 Sacramento Ca.

1941945 B/E Peak E

Eric & Diana at the 2010 Reunion

Dave Moss

Dave Moss [4 Sqdn]
February 2012

1942011 Cpl/B/E/ Moss D

Dave at the 40th Reunion 2001

Dave with Gene Vincent (photo' Dave Lloyd 31st)

Dave's funeral service sheet

Vern Phillips


Vernon Phillips (Barney Wragg)
[4 Sqdn] N.Att
Tuesday 4th November 2014

E1941694 B/E Wragg

Vern & Pat at Paignton reunion 2013

Letter of condolence to Pat

Vern's funeral service sheet


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