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Julian Chitri
Julian Chitre

Julian (Kipper) Chitre [1 Sqdn] died in a motor cycle accident, 9 November 1964, on his 1st posting (Wattisham).

Details: 1941759 L/B/E Chitre J. 1st.Teleg.

Sammy Samouelle

Sammy Samouelle [2Sqdn] died in Changi, Singapore 8 September 1965.

Details: 1942034 B/E Samoulelle Radar.

Rod Arrow
Rod Arrow

Rod Arrow [4 Sqdn] died, from a brain tumour, in August 1999.

Details:1941688 Sgt/B/E Arrow R.F. 1st. AWM.

Eddie Stockton
Eddie Stockton

Eddie Stockton [2 Sqdn] died, from cancer, on 2nd February 1994.

Details: 1941921 L/B/E Stockton E.E. Radar

Eddie in ITS

Pete Hullock

Pete Hullock [2 Sqdn] died, from cancer, in November 2000.

Details: 1940849 B/E Hullock P. Radar - Drum Major No.1 Wing.

Brian Hockerday

Brian H. Hockerday [1 Sqdn] died in road traffic accident February 2001 at Swimbridge, N. Devon.

Details:1942049 S/B/E Hockerday B.H 2nd Teleg

George Ruck

George Ruck [1 Sqdn] died Oct, 2001
Details:1942057 L/B/E Ruck G.F. Teleg. 40th/41st

Derek Parr

Derek Parr [1 Sqdn] died 20th Aug, 2002
Details:1941960 B/E Parr D. Teleg (Dick)

Derek at Famagusta Beach 1963.

Roland Stanley Merchant
Roland Stanley Merchant

Roland Stanley Merchant [1 Sqdn] Suffered a heart attack whilst serving with Tac. Comms. Wing at RAF Brize Norton

1940722 B/E Merchant R. S. Teleg

Michael Rafferty

Michael Rafferty [1 Sqdn] No Details

1941010 B/E Rafferty M. Photog

Stuart Marshall
Stuart Marshall

Stuart Marshall [2 Sqdn] Stuart died while a serving Chf Tech at RAF Marham 14th December 1988

1942004 B/E Marshall S. Radar (Stu) 40th/41st

David Routledge

David Routledge [1 Sqdn] No Details

1942056 B/E Routledge D. Teleg

Dave Pharo

Dave Pharo [3 Sqdn] Heart attack Sept 2003

1941898 B/E Pharo D GWM

Walter Grandison
Walter Grandison

Walter J. S. Grandison [4 Sqdn] Emphesema January 2004

1941712 B/E Grandison W.J.S. AWM

Donald Frazer
Donald Frazer

Don Frazer [4 Sqdn] Cancer Early 2001

1941708 L/B/E Frazer D. S. AWM

Anthony Valentine

Anthony A. Valentine [2 Sqdn] died of cancer 25 April 1975 aged 30, at Brize Norton.

1941935 B/E Valentine A.A. (Tony) ARM

Peter Deer
Peter Deer

Peter G. Deer [3 Sqdn] died suddenly 19 Dec 2005

1941706 B/E DEER P.G. (Pete) GWM

Pete at RAF Tengah with Ernie Trimble & Jessop

Michael Crutchley

Michael Crutchley [1 Sqdn] Monday 5th Feb 2007

1941755 B/E Crutchley M. Teleg

Paul Shannon
Paul Shannon

Paul Shannon [2 Sqdn] Monday 16th April 2007

1942015 L/B/E Shannon P. ARM

Paul at Tengah

Lennie Guy
Lennie Guy

Lennie Guy [4 Sqdn] Friday 13th December 1991

1941720 B/E Guy L.H. AWM

Lennie in New Forest 1963

Michael (Taff) Evans-Barry
Michael Evans-Barry

Michael (Taff) Evans-Barry [2 Sqdn] Sunday 10th June 2007

1941997 B/E Evans-Barry M. ARM

John Cunningham
John Cunningham

John Cunningham [1 Sqdn] Tuesday 11th December 2007

1941882 B/E Cunningham J.. Teleg

Chris Hayton
Chris Hayton

Chris Hayton [4 Sqdn) 11th April 2007

1941698 L/B/E Hayton C. N.Att

Chris ITS & Italy 1961

F/S Eric Norris

Eric Norris [NCO i/c 3 Sqdn] 15th April 2007

F/S Norris E [SWO RAF Khormaksar 1967]

Mike Hadley
Elliot (Mike) Hadley [2 Sqdn] 11th September 2010

1940842 B/E Hadley E. ARM

Mike & Lena at the 40/45 Llandudno Reunion

Eric (Cornish) May [4 Sqdn]
12th November 2010

Eric May ( 1943 - 2010 )

1941729 B/E May E [AWM]

Alasdair Armour
Alasdair M Armour [1 Sqdn] Friday 30th December 2005

1941736 B/E Armour A M [Teleg]

A Sad Day

Air Commodore Green passed away during the night of 16/17 May 2011; he was aged 52

John Atkins
John Atkins [4 Sqdn] 23 March 2010

1941075 B/E Atkins J [AWM]

Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe [3 Sqdn] 4th August 2011

F1942003 L/ B/E Lowe D [GWM]

Dave & Shirley at the 40/51 Morecambe Reunion

Ronald David Urch
Ronald David Urch [2 Sqdn] January 2007
After a long battle with myeloma

1941933 L/B/E Urch RD [ARM]

Alexander Kerr [3 Sqdn] 26 August 1964
RAF Coningsby

1941725 B/E Kerr A [GWM]
No details, info from RAF BEA Site

Kenneth J Munro [3 Sqdn] 23 March 1961
Died in training, RAF Cosford

1941888 B/E Munro K J[GWM]
Info from RAF BEA Site,
updated by Mike Graham 41st

Recollection from a 3 Sqdn B/E: Ken Munro had been in the hospital at the far end of Fulton Block (IDH) for several days, and was then discharged. The following morning either on the way to breakfast or on returning to the billet he collapsed and died. As far as I am aware we were never told the cause of his death. I was friendly with Ken and I always wondered about his death.

Colin Victor Smallwood

Colin Victor (Tom) Smallwood [1 Sqdn]
8 May 2010 Newton-le-Willows

Y1941407 B/E Smallwood CV [Teleg]

Eric (Geordie) Peak
Eric (Geordie) Peak [2 Sqdn]
27 October 2013 Sacramento Ca.

1941945 B/E Peak E

Eric & Diana at the 2010 Reunion

Dave Moss

Dave Moss [4 Sqdn]
February 2012

1942011 Cpl/B/E/ Moss D

Dave at the 40th Reunion 2001

Dave with Gene Vincent (photo' Dave Lloyd 31st)

Dave's funeral service sheet

Vern Phillips


Vernon Phillips (Barney Wragg)
[4 Sqdn] N.Att
Tuesday 4th November 2014

E1941694 B/E Wragg

Vern & Pat at Paignton reunion 2013

Letter of condolence to Pat

Vern's funeral service sheet

Pete Tobin

Pete Tobin
[2 Sqdn] Air Radar
Thursday 26th March 2015

1941929 B/E Tobin P

John Hutchinson
John (Hutch) Hutchinson
[4 Sqdn] N.Att
Sunday 2nd August 2015
1941697 B/E Hutchinson J

Taff Parry

John Herman (Taff) Parry
[3 Sqdn] GWM
Cancer - no other details
1941893 Cpl/B/E Parry LH
Taff in Malta

Jim Hope

Jim Hope
[3 Sqdn] GWM
Thursday 4th August 2016
1942000 B/E Hope JS
Jim's Funeral

John (Toby) Westoby
John (Toby) Westoby
[4 Sqdn] AWM
Thursday 2nd April 2017
1941816 Sgt/B/E/ Westoby J
Toby's Funeral Service Sheet

Tony Cachia-Castelletti
Tony Cachia-Castelletti
[1 Sqdn] Teleg
Monday 25th January 2016
1941757 B/E Cachia-Castelletti A
Tony in Maltese government

Peter Stenning
Pete Stenning
(3 Sqdn) GWM
25th September 2017
1942024 B/E Stenning P

Pete passed away peacefully this morning. As you may be aware, he has fought cancer for over 2 years but today it got the better of him in Sussexdown Nursing and Care Home, literally a couple of hundred yards from where he has lived for many years just outside Pulborough in West Sussex. His family, wife Pat and children Paula and Paul were present.
He was a big man with a big heart and he will be sorely missed by his family and close friends

Mick Rossiter
Mick Rossiter
[4 Sqdn] AWM
Wednesday 17th July 2019
1940961 B/E Rossiter M
Mick had not been well after two heart attacks and passed away at his home nr Alicante Spain on the 17th. Pam (his wife) has their son Ian with her at present but no funeral info at this time
Mick at Summer Camp 1961

Doug Camp
Doug Camp
[2 Sqdn] ARM
Wednesday 7th August 2019
1941832 Cpl/B/E Camp D
Sadly on 7th August Doug Camp passed away. He battled with cancer for a year and a half getting through 2 major brain surgeries and multiple rounds of radiotherapy. He fought so hard to stay with his family right until the end



Richard Bourne (Dick)
Richard Bourne (Dick)
[1 Sqdn] TELEG
Saturday 27th July 2019
1941744 B/E Bourne H J
From what we know he fell when getting out of bed. By the time the ambulance people arrived his heart had stopped. They managed to bring him back but he never regained consciousness and had to be put in a medical coma to try to lessen the swelling in his brain. The hospital were marvellous and did everything they could for him, but unfortunately he didn’t survive and passed on the 27 July.

Dick's funeral:
The funeral details for Richard are: 29 August at 11.30 at St Peter and St Paul's Church Aylesford, Kent. Unfortunately there won’t be a wake, but people are free to raise a glass in the local pub

Dennis (Alfie) Flatt
Dennis Flatt (Alfie)
[2 Sqdn] ARM
Thursday 10th October 2019
1941855 L/B/E Flatt D

Francis (Frank) Whitfield

Francis (Frank) Whitfield
['A' Flt 4 Sqdn] AWM
Wednesdat 6th May 2020
1941806 B/E Whitfield F
Frank at Summer Camp 1961

Dave (Ginge) Peck
J D Peck (Dave/Ginge)
[2 Sqdn] ARM
Friday 3rd July2020
1941895 B/E Peck J D


John Bell

John Bell (Dinger)
[3 Sqdn] GWM
Sunday 6th December 2020
S1941686 B/E Bell J
Cpl John Bell purchased discharge 1st June 1974

John overseas

Dave Gosling
David B Gosling
[3 Sqdn] GWM
Sunday 28th September 2020
1941861 B/E Gosling D B


2004 Blackpool
Roger J Herriet (Perry)
Roger J Herriet (Perry)
[4 Sqdn] N.Att
Sunday 19th January2021
1941982 B/E Herreit R.J.
Roger & Veronica at Blackpool Re-union 2004

Age 19 in Cyprus

65th Birthday

David Randall

David Randall
[1 Sqdn] Teleg
Wednesday 8th January2020 (Heart Attack)
1942053 B/E Randall D

Dave's first posting after Cosford was RAF West Raynham in Norfolk, then RAF Episkopi, Cyprus. He trained to be a telegrapher.
After an accident he spent eighteen months in the Wroughton RAF Hospital, and after rehab at RAF Chessington he was medically discharged from the RAF in 1965.
In 1966, aged 21, Dave married Ros, the girl he met whilst stationed at West Raynham.
They moved from Norfolk to London where Dave worked for Hawker Siddeley, and then Twentieth Century Fox Films in communications, using the telegraphy skills he'd learnt in the RAF.
After a couple of years in London, Dave and Ros returned to Norfolk, and their son Simon was born in 1971. Again, using his telegraphy skills, Dave got a job at the GPO, and later in local government planning and environmental health departments, until he medically retired aged 47.
Despite his disability following the accident in Cyprus, he was able to enjoy many pastimes, including painting and photography, but jazz music was his main passion. He taught himself to play saxophone, and played in several local bands, becoming a sax teacher for some years.
He had a cardiac arrest when he was 65, but was one of the lucky ones and survived. He had a pacemaker for the next ten years, but sadly died of a heart attack on Jan 8th 2020, aged 75.
He is dearly missed by his wife Ros, his only son Simon, and his three teenage grandchildren, Milly, Alfie and Sam. Dave's family all still live in Norfolk.

Wobbly Wheel Club Salalah
Errol McCappin
[1 Sqdn] Teleg
Saturday 18th September 2021
1942012 B/E McCappin B.Z.E.

Errol died September 18th 2021 (peacefully) at hospital. Late of Dromore Co Down. Dearly loved husband of Ruth, much loved father of Adam, Peter, Natasha and the late Natalia, dear father-in-law of Carolyn and Evelyn and devoted granda of James and Michael
Funeral Service will be held in Banbridge Road Presbyterian Church Dromore on Saturday 25th September 2021 at 11.30am followed by a private family committal. (Social distancing guidelines to be observed.) - House strictly private.
No flowers please. Donations in lieu if desired may be sent to John Gamble Funeral Directors 7 Meeting Street, Dromore BT25 1AQ for Motor Neurone Disease Association NI.

Will be lovingly remembered and sadly missed by his sorrowing family and the entire family circle.

Dave Cutbush (41st)

Dave Cutbush
[4 Sqdn] 41st AWM
Wednesday 22nd September 2021
B/E Cutbush D

Dave died aged 75, from leukemia, on the night of the 22nd

Dave at Nanga Gaat 1966

Doug Partridge

Doug Partridge
[2 Sqdn] ARM
No Details
B/E Partridge D

Doug in Glen Coe 2009

Ian Bell
Ian Bell
[2 Sqdn] ARM
Tuesday 16th August 2022
1941794 B/E Bell I

Chiefy Hynd
Colin Hynd
[2 Sqdn] Discip
Saturday 20th August 2022
Flt/Sgt Hynd C

Dave Crosbie
Dave Crosbie
[3 Sqdn]
Suddenly Tuesday 17th May 2022
Heart Attack
1941835 B/E Crosbie D

Mike (Fred) Broughton

Michael Broughton
[1 Sqdn]
Monday 12th December 2022
1941741 B/E Broughton M

Chris Pressling
Chris Pressling
[1 Sqdn]
Friday4th August 2023

1941905 B/E Pressling C

Bob Killey
Bob Killey
[1 Sqdn]
Thursday 17th August 2023 (Cancer)

Q1940724 B/E Killey R (Ex-39th)

Bob at the Llandudno reunion

Stan Matheson

Stan Matheson
[2 Sqdn]
Monday 30th October2023

1941733 B/E Matheson S


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